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A Dog's Life Box
A Dog's Life Box
A Dog's Life Box
A Dog's Life Box
A Dog's Life Box
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    A Dog's Life Box

    Satisfying enrichment toys, fulfilling chews, tempting training treats, and unique useful gear for you and your dog to enjoy.

    Curated by pet professionals with products not easily found in stores, sourced from companies with quality standards and ethics we can trust.

    Delivered quarterly for a whole season of tail wags, awesome outings, calm evenings, and happy households.

    The A Dog's Life Box will return soon!

    Countdown to the big reveal

    The Only Box Designed for BOTH You and Your Dog

    Do you have a destructive Doodle? Bored Border Collie? Frustrated Frenchie? Rambunctious Rescue?

    Engage their senses and meet their instinctual needs with the A Dog's Life Box, filled with specially selected products to entertain, challenge, tire, and fulfill your dog on a whole new level.

    Hours of peace and quiet with a satisfied dog awaits! 


    Choose a one time box purchase, or subscribe to save $10

    Pause, skip, cancel, or reactivate your order at any time. No contracts or commitments - because yuck, nobody likes that.


    If you order today, your first box will ship within 2-4 business days

    If you're a subscriber, your orders will renew when each new box comes out: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st

    Live Your Best Life!

    Get your dog, open your box, and enjoy exploring it together!

    Share your experience with us on social, we love seeing you and your dog living your best lives!

    Our Promise

    We fill our kits with only the best products, items we love and trust to use with our own pups!

    All our treats and chews are top quality (why would give give our dogs any less?!) and we feature many items from smaller independent businesses (like us!) and companies with ethics we can support.