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Pro-tips to make the most of your JANUARY Fulfillment Kit!

Happy New Year!

This month, we're kicking the new year off with a fun (and wow, aesthetically pleasing) enrichment kit to make this year the best yet! Starting with some incredible long-lasting super chews:


First up, jerky-wrapped water buffalo cheek rolls, and a water buffalo horn!

Wild Eats has us covered this month with some chews that are sure to stick around!

For super chewers like my aussie, Reilly, cheek rolls are the BOMB for keeping her attention for hours, sometimes days. Literally days. And this kit has TWO of them. Plus the water buffalo horn also lasts forever in our house, so I'd say this kit is super-chewer approved. 

Pro Tip! If your dog isn't super into water buffalo horns, which isn't unusual, you can stuff the horn with their favorite lickable treats, put it in the freezer overnight, and you got yourself a quality enrichment toy! 


Next, we've got a cool new SUCTION licking mat! 

Did I also say that this kit is new-puppy, newly adopted, nervous pup, busy pup, and anxious pup approved? Because this pretty circular snow-flake looking thing is actually a licking mat that can suction to walls!

Since we know licking soothes dogs and calms their nervous systems, using tools like this smeared with their favorite foods is a great way to help them cope with and even enjoy difficult tasks like bathes, vet visits, maintenance/construction around the house, and grooming!

Vet offices are starting to use these a ton to help dogs learn to accept handling, but you can now get started at home! All dogs should learn to tolerate being touched and handled, so try doing so gently while they enjoy this licking mat to pair the actions with this soothing, pleasant reward.

You can even use it while working around the house for a little extra peace and quiet. 

Finally we have tasty training-worthy treats! 

We went for inclusive this time and got something even your kitty friends can enjoy! 

The tuna and salmon treats from Granville are "To Dive For!" (lol). And best of all, they're made with JUST human-grade tuna and salmon, nothing else! So you really can let any of your pets enjoy this super nutritious, smelly, tasty snack.

And last but certainly not least, the pocket trainers by Bixbi make training easy and enjoyable for BOTH ends of the leash. THe bacon flavor is tantalizing for even picky eaters and the size makes them easy to pop into a treat pouch and reward your dog with. 

I like that both of these treats are made using high quality ingredients, by smaller companies dedicated to the health and happiness of pets! 


I hope all your pups LOVE their goodies this month, remember to tag us #bestlifebox on your socials to tell us what you think!

Did you get a different kit and want in on this goodness?? Click here to give your pup their best life with a FULFILLMENT KIT of their own! 


-Morgan McMurdy, CPDT-KA

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