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Pro-tips to make the most of your FEBRUARY Fulfillment Kit!


We fell in love with these February Fulfillment Kit finds! We've got a little something savory, a little something sweet, a special interactive chew, and a spectacular snuffle rose; all to satisfy your true love 🐕 ❤️  🐾 this Valentines Day.


Check out this month's sweet treats!

Show your pup you love them with some freeze dried chicken hearts! Vital Essentials makes some of our favorite single-ingredient treats. They carry a lot of unique "parts" like these hearts that you don't find very easily in the pet store! 

If your pup has a sweet tooth (my aussie Reilly sure does), they may fall in love with these strawberries and cream cheese biscuit treats... Colorado based company Bocce's Bakery is another favorite maker of ours, always putting out such fun and unique tastes for our dogs to try out! 

And really I have yet to meet a dog who doesn't love cream cheese. Same guys, same.


For chews, we have something tough and new from Tall Tails!

The Wobbler provides a unique texture and experience we hope your pup loves! The shape is designed for an easy hold and it is steamed in bacon scent to entice pickier pups to give it a try. Plus, it should last a good long time even for heavy chewers!

A bonus? It's top rack dishwasher safe! So when it gets gross and covered in slobber (and let's be honest, all the fuzz and hair collected from the floor), it's easy to make fresh as new!


Last but definitely not least, a portable snuffle mat! 

We splurged a little on these because we couldn't resist how functional AND adorable they were! 

Imagine you want to enjoy some pet friendly seating at your local cafe or brewery, but your dog fusses, whines, barks, or pulls you around on their leash. Wouldn't it be a lot more fun if they were calmer and occupied so you could relax?

That's what so many trainers use snuffle mats for! And this one folds up so you can load it, grab it, and use it whenever you need it! Fill the folds with your dog's favorite kibble or treats and let them "snuffle" and sniff them out! 

Not only does this keep them busy, but it helps them learn how to remain calm, cool, and collected in busy and bustling environments, 

Pro Tip: I like to use these for recall training, too! Load it with LOW value food, allow your dog to snuffle for the food ON leash, then recall your dog off the mat and use the leash to reel them in away from the mat. When they eventually turn to you instead of the mat, give them HIGH value treats aplenty! Then tell them to go back to the low value treats in the snuffle mat for a bit and repeat a few times. 

Over time, you should see your dog coming off the snuffle mat quicker and easier because YOU have the good stuff and the floor has the "meh" stuff. This helps them learn to call away from other distractions like a good sniff in the woods, or the allure of a bit of trash on the side of the street.





I hope all your pups LOVE their goodies this month, remember to tag us #bestlifebox on your socials to tell us what you think!

Did you get a different kit and want in on this goodness?? Click here to give your pup their best life with a FULFILLMENT KIT of their own! 


-Morgan McMurdy, CPDT-KA

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