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Pro-tips to make the most of your December FULFILLMENT Kit!

Happy Holidays, in whatever form you celebrate! This month, we've got some unique goodies and I'm psyched to share them with you! First up...


The Odin puzzle toy by Up Dog!

This is a knock-and-tumble style treat or kibble dispenser. But unlike most other puzzle balls, this one can be linked together with other Odins to make the puzzle more and more difficult!

I really like this one because it is angular and therefore won't roll as easily... in other words, my dog, Reilly, actually has to move it around to make the treats fall out. The more she has to work at it, the longer it takes her, and the more tired she gets after mealtime!

Pro Tip! If your dog finds these "too easy" and finishes it quicker than you'd like, use it as a hide toy! I like to fill it with 1/4 of my dog's dinner, hide it somewhere, wait 5 minutes (for the smell to drift around), and then send her to go find it! We do this four times and by the end, she is wiped out and full! Play hide-and-seek games at the level your dog is successful at and work up to more and more difficult hides. 


The tantalizing knuckle bone and unique olive wood chew are next! 

Dogs who love to chew and gnaw sticks should love the olive wood stick. The dense wood doesn't chip and splinter like some other wood types can, which makes it a safer alternative to eating the sticks in the yard! (Or the legs of your table.)

I have two girls in our house who love to nibble the kindling for the wood stove, but since that's not necessarily a safe hobby of theirs, I can redirect them to chew this instead! 

You can even use it like a fetch stick! 

The knuckle bone however should be loved by all we're guessing. In our house it is certainly a high value item, and my one pup, Reilly, can go a bit hard on these so she needs supervision. Watch your heavy chewers and encourage them to take it slow and gentle.  

Last but not least, Crack! bars and Lumps of Coal! 

I know, they sound a bit silly! But the value in these is no joke. 

The Crack! bars are baked in such a way that allows you to easily break off tiny pieces to use as training treats! I know my dogs love to mix it up with training, so I don't ALWAYS use their kibble as rewards - sometimes I get something like this to mix into my treat pouch and keep training fun and interesting!

And we didn't skimp out in this box, we got you all three flavors. Let us know which your dog likes best! 

And finally, these soft and chewy Lumps of Coal ARE actually made with bone charcoal! And don't panic, that's perfectly safe and even healthy! Charcoal is even rumored to help with that "doggy breath" and gassiness you might get a whiff of every now and then when your pup gets a little too close... 

I like that these are contain peanut butter and oatmeal as well, because that makes for a great snack for dogs with sensitive GI's. Our little pointer, Tally, is very prone to runny stool and gas... I like that these are a safe option for her gut and the texture makes them easy to break up. 


I hope all your pups LOVE their goodies this month, remember to tag us #bestlifebox on your socials to tell us what you think!

Did you get a different kit and want in on this goodness?? Click here to give your pup their best life with a FULFILLMENT KIT of their own! 


-Morgan McMurdy, CPDT-KA

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