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Winter Blah-Busting for Your Dog and You

Are you getting those antsy, agitated, puppy dog eyes more and more these days? As winter drags on, mud season and remaining snow flurries can make for a lot of indoor-time... And whether you have a busy puppy or an older dog with achy joints, chances are that at least one of you isn’t thrilled! Of course, here in Massachusetts winter can be pretty cold, wet, and unpredictable and outside isn’t the most enjoyable place to be.

No matter what winter looks like, it can be tempting to spend these months holed up watching movies and cuddling on the couch.  And there’s nothing at all wrong with that – until you and your dog are ready for it to be done. So, whenever that hits this winter, here’s a handy list of blah-busting winter activities you and your pup can enjoy together!


  • Play hide-and-seek: If you’ve never tried this with your pup, you’re both in for a treat! Plus, it’s fantastic practice for recall and can be played anywhere your dog’s able to be off-leash – even indoors. Here are some simple instructions for getting started >>
  • A Best Life Box Enrichment Toys and Chews: Did you know that 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hour’s walk? Sniffing, licking, and chewing are all soothing and mentally stimulating activities to keep your dog occupied and engaged when it’s too cold and dark to go farther than around the block. Subscribe to our Freedom or Fulfillment Kits for hours of fun to show up right to your door. We have just a few winter kits left for you to enjoy!

  • Give your dog a massage: In this busy world, dogs hold lots of tension in their body just like we do. While your dog will love you for it, massage can also be a great way for you to relax, practice mindfulness and also feel for any new lumps and bumps to talk to the vet about. Here are some tips for getting started >>
  • Practice a new cue or trick: Dogs learn best at first without distractions, which means time inside is a great time to start learning a new trick or cue together. And the old adage is totally wrong – old dogs can absolutely learn new tricks. In fact, sometimes their experience and patience can help them learn even faster!
  • Get baking!: Nothing warms me up on a cold afternoon like the smell of something tasty drifting from the kitchen. But no matter your personal cooking abilities, winter is a fun time to get down and let those creative ideas flow. I especially love these Maple Bacon Biscuits featured in our Best Life Library, just one more great thing included in our kits!
  • Let their sniffer be your guide: Dog noses are amazing things, and letting them sniff-free can lead you both to unexpected places and sights. So when the winter blahs get you, consider taking a short trip outside and letting your dog’s nose lead the way. You might be surprised where you end up!
  • Try Doga together: Mindfulness and mediation aren’t just for humans. Check out these fun pictures from the Seattle Humane Society’s Doga class and look locally for your own. Even if one isn’t in the area yet, you can practice meditating with your dog right from home.
  • Create a dog-friendly tunnel maze: This one’s a ton of fun if you have lots of post-holiday boxes laying around. Dogs love dens, so you can encourage them with a few treats and cozy blankets and they should love their temporary digs pretty quickly. This can, of course, be super fun for kids too, but be sure to watch carefully and separate dog-time and kid-time in the box maze to avoid a kerfuffle.

Let us know what tips you like best! Use #bestlifebox or tag @adogsbestlifebox on social to share. We love hearing from you!