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Setting Your Pet Sitter Up for Success

One of the best parts of being a pet care professional is getting the opportunity to spend time with our clients one-on-one as part of our pet sitting services. We understand that pet care goes far beyond dog walks and litter box scooping. Your pets are a part of your family—and we treat them like a part of ours as well.

In celebration of Thank Your Pet Sitter Day, here are 9 tips from a professional pet sitter that will make their lives easier and show you appreciation for the love they give to your best friends

  • Plan ahead   Good help is hard to find. Contact a pet sitter early–we recommend booking anywhere from 3 months to 6 weeks in advance, especially when you’re looking for help during the summer or holiday seasons! A reliable sitter is often juggling multiple clients along with the rest of their busy schedules and the key to making sure you pup gets to spend time with their favorite is to book them as soon as you know your vacation dates. 

  • Details, details, details!  Is your dog timid with strangers?  Is there a house down the street with a barking dog that you steer clear of on walks? Does the backyard have a tricky gate that needs to be checked before your pup runs free? Whether someone is staying at your place or you’re sending your pet off to be boarded there is no such thing as too much information! Even if your sitter is familiar with your critter and neighborhood there are a lot of unknowns that come up during that downtime at home. Wifi passwords, household basics, the schedules of house cleaners or landscapers, and any other quirks of your home or pet are always very appreciated to know ahead of time. 

  • Stock up   A major change in routine can cause a lot of extra stress in your pet’s day to day. By stocking up on chews, leaving plenty of treats, and setting up some enrichment toys like leaving a kong (or two!) with peanut butter or yogurt in the freezer, you can be sure that your dog is going to be kept occupied and relaxed.
  • Put supplies where we can see them   While it’s great to have your pup’s leashes, treats, poop bags, and harnesses packed away and organized, leaving out anything we might need for daily use in a safe but accessible place allows us to spend more time outside playing and less time getting ready. 

  • Prep and organize   If you’re packing up your pooch to spend a few nights away, portioning out food into reusable bags or containers is a great way to take the guesswork out of feeding times. If your pet is also on medication consider investing in a daily pill organizer– it saves us from triple checking written instructions or dosages on bottles and helps us feel confident that your best friend is getting exactly what they need. 

  • Familiarize your sitter with your household  Notes and lists are great, but the best way to familiarize us with your home and dog is to have a meet-and-greet before you leave! If you can't meet up with your sitters, sending photos and videos of your set ups is the next best thing. Being able to go through the routine with you, either in person or virtually, helps us memorize exactly how your pup's care needs done!

  • Emergency Info   Sh!t happens, and it’s important to have a plan. Be sure to leave your vet’s contact information as well as the name and number of the closest 24 hour emergency vet on the very small chance that it’s ever needed. If you have a trusted neighbor, or a close friend or relative, it's smart to leave their information as an emergency contact in case your sitter is unable to reach you. 

  • Buy a new toy While some old favorites may be a comfort, picking up a new tug, stuffie, or enrichment toy is going to be an extra exciting way for your dog and your sitter to get to know each other. Not only will they be thrilled with the surprise, but allowing your sitter to present it to them is a fantastic way to bond the first night or two together. If you need ideas, simply getting a Best Life Box prior to your departure is a great way to supply fun new enriching items for your sitter to help keep your pup busy with! >>Get one here!<<

  • Leave something familiar  We know that scent is the way to a dog’s heart. Packing up an old blanket, towel, sweatshirt, or one of your children’s old stuffed animals is a great way to give your pup something to cuddle with when they’re looking for the smell of home. 


    No one will love your pet like you do, but a great pet sitter sure comes close. Take a moment today to to send some appreciation to those special people who step up, ease your mind, and do everything they can to make your best friend feel right at home!